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[Publication] The Changing Face of Epidemiology: Gender Disparities in Citations?

Schisterman et al. have published, in the journal of Epidemiology, an interesting study about gender disparities in citations. The authors collected data on the current gender distribution of epidemiology departments, societies, and journal editorial boards. The authors found “a greater number of female epidemiologists in early-career positions and further evidence of potential gender disparity in publication metrics in epidemiology. If epidemiology continues to be practiced by a majority of women, it remains to be seen if these patterns will change over time.” Read the article : The Changing Face of…

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This Summer’s Must-Read Books about Women In STEM

By Seraya Maouche, posted on July 31, 2016. We have assembled for our readers a list of 12 books about women in STEM to read this summer.

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